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Rains Mommy Thinking of you always! June 3, 2009

Hi Sweetie! Heres your balloon we released and your cupcake!!!

darrion bigbrotha June 2, 2009
devin jus pimpin June 2, 2009
Edwina~Troy Mitchell's mum Thinking of Byron with love. June 2, 2009

Waylon's mom from me to you June 2, 2009
Charity & Tim (Austin Shanks) Thinking of you June 1, 2009
Kalynne's Mommy Thinking of you May 31, 2009



Always sending you and your sweet Mommy love!

Twins & Micheals Mom (Scatto) Thinking of You and your Family... May 30, 2009
Waylon's mom Nitey Nite May 30, 2009
"When it seems that our sorrow is too great
to be borne, let us think of the great family
of the heavy-hearted into which our grief
has given us entrance, and inevitably, we
will feel about us their arms, their
sympathy, their understanding."
 thankyou.gif picture by cindyoutlawgs
Isaiah's Mommy "Always In My Thoughts & Prayers" May 28, 2009
Waylon's mom Hugs May 25, 2009

The Scatto Angel's Mom Memorial Day 2009 May 23, 2009
Grandpa Holcomb Miss you small fry May 23, 2009
Isaiah's Mommy "Remembering All Our Sweet Angels On Memorial Day" May 21, 2009
love you little one May 17, 2009
love you your my world and your May 12, 2009
Kalynne's Mommy For your sweet Mommy May 10, 2009

The Busiest Day In Heaven"

It's the busiest day in Heaven
I'm planning a big surprise
To let you know I love you
And that no one ever dies

Even though your down below
And I am up above
I'm sending you my wishes
And all my angel love

It's really quite exciting
To plan this big event
For lots of gifts will come your way
And all are Heaven sent

First I'll take a bubble bath-
My splashes might cause some rain
But knowing all the fun I'm having
Will help to ease your pain

Next I'll get some pictures
In my halo and gown
So when you get to Heaven
You can show me all around

I have color crayons in Heaven
And I will draw some stars so bright
And place them in the sky today
For you to see tonight

Then Jesus will have story time
And I will sit upon his lap
He'll tell me all about you
Just before I nap

I'll awake full of energy
And play a game or two
Before I finish sending
All my love to you

After snack I'll write a song
For all the birds to sing
And know I've made you happy
With all the joy it brings

At night time I'll be tired
But I'll still hold you tight
My arms will wrap around you
And keep you through the night

And when you finally slumber
I will kneel and pray
Asking God to bless you
On this special Mothers Day

Your Little Angel


Rains Mommy Happy Mothers Day May 10, 2009
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