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To My little angel
darrion November 8, 2011
my baby brother
the day that you left the family was hurt. but the family got happy when mom gave birth. you were too perfect for the world and god called you home at the age of 8 days old. i never got a chance to see you but you are in my heart and never forgotten. i apologize to momma and daddy all the time for not coming to see you or mama at the hospital when i made a promise to her that i would. but now that you are gone i can not go back in the past and correct my mistake about you. you are my lil brother and nothing can change that. 

                                                              Love always, 
                                                                    Darrion morgan ( big brother)
mommie November 21, 2009
i love you
mommie August 15, 2009
mommie July 16, 2009
your my
mommie July 16, 2009
loving you so much!!!!
mommie June 11, 2009
mommie May 12, 2009
my sweet angel
Grandpa Holcomb May 2, 2009
Miss you small fry
Aimee April 27, 2009
Aimee April 27, 2009
Baby BJ
image A Picture i made of Cousin BJ.

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